Stream your live music shows, hassle-free.

Streaming your ticketed events can be complicated with respect to technology, monetization, taxes, and of course music rights. We take care of everything, so you can focus on your show.

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What we do

Arranging all licenses to stream your live music shows can take years to set up. When you work with Mixclear, all of it is already set up for you.

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Help setting up your stream
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Provide you with your own streaming platform
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Payment infrastructure
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Identify the tracks that are being played
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Take care of licensing and payment
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Provide you with valuable insights & data
Provide accurate music usage reporting to CMO’s
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What you get

We offer an one-stop shop for licensed livestreams. It's all you need to start steaming and earning while being compliant with today’s licensing.

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A completely in-house built ticketing system. You’re in control.

Platform technology

Mixclear comes with an embedded Mixclear web player as well as a mobile/web app solution.

Licensing service

We provide the licensing service for all livestreams and fulfil all royalty distribution and licence administration obligations.

Data & revenue

Mixclear provides transparent and clear data on all actual value created.
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Global coverage

We’re partners with collective Rights Management Organizations and Performance Rights organizations from Europe, North-America and Oceania.

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Best of both worlds

DJ Monitor and Woov teamed up to help you both on the music licensing and experience side.

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Pioneer & authority in music rights reporting to CMOs.
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15+ years experience

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Full-service music usage reporting

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Music licensing and rights administration

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Global network of 1000+ of tours, CMOs, events, venues, DSPs, labels, publishers, media outlets.

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Pioneer and authority in apps and platforms for festivals.
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5+ years experience

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Mobile and Web platforms development

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Tech IP: Localisation, 3D mapping, 3D audio

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Global network of 1000+ festivals, artists and municipalities.

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